I began this blog out of a desire to create a community where dreams were supported- and not only supported, but nurtured and ACHIEVED.  I chose to begin a narrative of my own journey of personal growth, of dreams and goals, and of the challenges along the way.   As it turns out, my own path has given me plenty of fodder on the CHALLENGES front (as well as wins!)…and I’m taking that as a personal challenge to reach that much higher.

“What is to give light must endure burning.”            -Victor Frankl

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Sometimes it’s easier just to chat!  I began this VLOG series after encountering a major blip in my business.  I wanted to find a silver lining and found that to be in sharing the experience, the stress, and the outcome…which is still in the works.  Talking about the experience also allowed me to examine it in a new light, to better define what I wanted moving forward, to begin to implement my choices for change…and to take MASSIVE ACTION to achieve my dreams.

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No woman is an island, and I have not been alone in my journey and explorations.  There is so much NOISE in the world, in the myriad options we have available for learning, for advice, for guidance- I’m continually exploring and trying, here are the resources which I’ve found to be the most valuable.

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I love to work with women to help them define, map and achieve their goals.  If you’re ready to take massive action in your life, let’s get started!  You’re amazing, you’ve got this!

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