Who the Heck am I?

Excellent question! Well, I’m 35 years old so I should be well on my way to figuring that one out, hey?  Actually, I think I am making good progress.  I am a Pacific Northwesterner, the oldest of three girls, a wife, a mom of one (and one on the way), an optometrist, a real estate agent, a writer, a runner, a candlestick maker (just kidding, that seemed to work there- I haven’t made a candle since my Camp Fire days), an animal lover, an occasional baker (cookie dough purist), an ENFJ, a good friend and an open mind.  I’m eternally curious about the world, its infinite possibilities, other people and my place in it.  I love the library, I’m starting to dabble in Pinterest and I don’t understand Snapchat.  I will strive to make this site the best I possibly can, to create a collection of amazing and powerful resources, and to share my hard-won lessons as I take steps, missteps and leaps.  I’m glad to have you join me!