Achieving an internet lifestyle

“Internet lifestyle” seems to be a buzzy term, I’ve been noticing it a lot in the various marketing materials, newsletters, webinars and sites I’ve been perusing.  However, it’s interesting to take a closer look at the term, because I think it can easily be interpreted in different ways by different people.  At one level, it can simply mean that you work from an internet platform and therefore have flexibility in the “where” of the work.  The next level would add some level of passivity to income, such as creating and selling information products, maintaining a monetized blog, creating ebooks, etc.  The top tier would be harnessing the power of technology and the resources of the globe to create a revenue stream with consistent growth, with you focusing on the tasks that fuel the growth and outsourcing the rest.  Basically, building a business instead of creating a job for yourself.  That sounds pretty good, right?  I’ve decided that I am going to go this route.

I’ve done a lot of learning and exploring as of late.  With the necessity of moving on from the business I bought into, I’ve used the pain and frustration from that to fuel change.  I guess that I just got uncomfortable enough that I had to make a shift, and for me that meant seeking knowledge from people who had achieved the kind of success that I wanted.  I also realized that I had not very clearly defined my  success, which was going to make achieving it (and knowing when I had), that much harder.  So, here is my definition of success:

Ok, I instantly went to stall-mode here and looked up the definition of success:

1.  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose
2.  the attainment of popularity or profit
3.  a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity
I will use this definition as a guide.
Success for me is to achieve several aims:
     -Financial:  to build an online business and revenue stream that frees me from the grind of my other jobs.
     -Family:  to be fully present for my family, to be fulfilled and positive and supportive, to create positive memories and a strong foundation for love and growth.
     -Friends:  to enjoy close friendships and share new experiences, to challenge and support each other.
     -Creative:  to feel challenged and derive enjoyment from my daily projects.  To write and publish ebooks regularly.
     -Fitness:  to achieve consistent strength and nutrition, to feel strong and healthy.
     -Free time:  to be able to cook, to run, to read, to learn about the world.  To consistently travel to new places.
     -Future:  to be creating an asset that will provide security for the future, as well as growing a skill set for continued success.
For the immediate future, my focus and efforts will be on creating this foundation.  Instead of the daily grind, I’m going to be doing a daily build.  I’d better define some concrete numbers, hadn’t I?  Ok!
1)  In one month (by 11/29/16), my goal is to make $10,000 online.  I have already made $4 from my Kindle e-book so I am well on my way!
2)  In three months, my goal is to make $15,000/month online and have a plan in place to continue this.
3)  In one year (10/29/17), my goal is to make $50,000/month online.
I’m going to start with the financial goals, as achieving them will allow me to also achieve my other goals.  These are high numbers, but I’m aiming high.  The stakes are high.  This is my life and I am taking massive action to achieve massive change!

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