This blog began as a place to provide support, gather information and help to inspire other women to take proactive roles in their lives, to tap into their true selves.  By creating a framework of information crucial to personal growth, finding valuable tools to support it and sharing my own experiences (and struggles), I want this site to be a resource to unveil potential, passion, enthusiasm and yes- the inner DAZZLING You.

That mission remains.  As my own life experiences have accumulated, my perspectives have grown in proportion to my education.  I’m expanding the core purpose of this site to also encompass these perspectives and let myself be a guinea pig of sorts.  I’ve increased my risks over the past few years in the sense of expanding areas of my life where I have less control or experience.  After practicing optometry since 2007, largely living the single life with minimum commitments, defined long term goals or major challenges in my daily life, I made a series of decisions that ultimately shook things up a bit.  Quite a bit, in fact.

I moved from Seattle back home to Vancouver, WA in 2011 to be closer to family.  Shortly after the move, I met the man who is now my husband.  I began looking at business opportunities outside of optometry and started flipping houses with my cousin, who is a contractor.  I explored opening my own optometry clinic.  I got married, immediately got pregnant and now have a two year old and another one on the way.  I experienced struggles with the financial limitations of working as an independent contractor optometrist and impending maternity leave (i.e. no paid time off, no covered health insurance, no job security) and got my real estate license.  I helped with a gourmet food company’s marketing after my parents invested in it.  I started this blog and dabbled.  I began a Meetup group based on the goals of the blog, as I loved connecting with others and discovering ways to make positive impacts in their lives. I ultimately decided I wanted to find a business that I was passionate about, something that I could pour my energy and focus into and find long-lasting success.  I bought into a home health franchise and thought I’d found my answer.  I recently found out that despite my due diligence, there were certain irrevocably major issues with the company.

In a nutshell?  I have accumulated a very unique resume.  In optometry school, I was one of two out of 95 students who didn’t have a science major in undergrad.  I graduated with a BA in Communications and Political Science, doing the science pre-reqs around those core classes and taking summer school to cram everything into four years.  I liked sciences but I loved the other stuff.  Practicality and perceived opportunities won for career choice back then, and I’m still an optometrist- I practice two days a week now.  That’s my current foundation.  I enjoy it, I find it fulfilling and I get positive feedback from my patients because I truly work to connect with and serve them.  But I have greater aspirations, and one thing that I keep coming back to is this blog, this site, this vision for a community.  I believe that my varied experiences, willingness to take risks and frequent departure from the mold can help to support others who are considering making a change.  By sharing my (very hard won) lessons, wins and losses, goals and triumphs, I hope to open a window into a world where safe and staid is not the goal- where’s the challenge, the room for learning, the opportunity for a big win in that?  The world that I find endlessly intriguing, with boundless opportunity for success and fulfillment, involves being dynamic and taking risks.  If you’re interested in exploring this world, welcome!  It’s more fun with company!