The purpose of this group is to form a society of women who work hard, play hard, ponder hard and dream big. These are hard things to balance, even more so when there is a drive to move from Dreaming to Doing. If you are also Any OR All of the following:  a Mom, a partner, a self-doubter, a perfectionist, an evolving human, a person trying to make a difference in the world- well, all of these can be lonely places. The goal of this group is to find a self-selected crew of like-minded women to provide support, fellowship (yep, I said it), inspiration, challenges, fun and friendship. If these things resonate with you, then perhaps (and hopefully!) This is your Tribe!*

1)  Who should join?

Well, to cut to the quick, if you are interested, then you are welcome!  This group is not limited to a certain age range.  Dynamic and interesting women are not limited to a certain age range.  If learning about yourself, about your relationship to the world, about personal growth and goal setting, about established knowledge and new theory, about exploring the past and planning for the future are things on your “Hey, I’d like to check that out” list, then you are a wonderful and perfect member.

2)  Why should members join?  Is it to learn more, challenge their skills or have fun?


I really wanted to leave it at that, but as a Type A individual I could not.

My goal for this group is, sincerely, all of the above.  I am striving to set up a community where learning is supported and celebrated, where skills are examined and tested and improved upon, and where Fun is had.  Fun.  Capital F.   It’s not that hard!  But, it is hard to come by. I will be open and appreciative of any input to achieve this ongoing goal.

3)  What can Members expect out of this Group?  Describe typical activities.

Members can expect a regular menu of the following activities:  Hikes, book discussions, mani/pedi appointments, guest lecturers, dinner parties, wine tastings, playground sittings, friend e-mails and texts, painting parties, dream boards, personality discovery papers, intimate discussions, life-long friendships, perhaps the opportunity to fly to Mars…I don’t really know everything, this group is JUST forming.

4)  Community.  Could you please describe how your Meetups will facilitate relationships between your members?

The dream in my head is that women who read all of the previous group description and are like, YES PLEASE (a la Amy Poehler) will sign up for the newsletter or shoot me an e-mail with YES PLEASE in its Subject Line and join this community where we RECOGNIZE each other as our TRIBE.  Meetups will facilitate the following:  Self-knowledge, exploration of the universe, networking, loving self, getting into nature, financial planning and winning, writing, art, insightful conversations, restaurant recommendations, bitching about being a mom/wife/being single/being a single mom/being a single dog/cat mom, charities, personal passion projections.  So, that’s pretty non-specific.  How will this group facilitate community?

It will put us in the online room same room.  It will ask us to answer the same serious/silly/revealing/ridiculous questions.  It will allow us to relate to each other in a real way, a meaningful way that allows for further conversations, for deeper self-reflection, for goal-setting and accountability.  BAM.  Right?  I’m totally right, that completely called for a BAM!

5)  The bottom line?  This is meant to be a community of women who think independently, who strive for greatness, who value kindness and empathy, who lean towards the creative arts.  Is this you?  Please sign up.  Would you like this to be you?  Please sign up.  Would you like to add another insight or dimension?  Please sign up.  None of us is “perfect.”  All of us are whole.  And learning.