Welcome to my vlog!  Here is my real-world narrative of my thoughts and experiences.  Sometimes my pauses are too long, sometimes my words are too short.  Thankfully, I always look amazing in the screen shot, am I right?

I’m striving to provide information and insights that will serve you, thank you for joining me!


Setting a goal:  $10,000/month from internet business


Pushing forward, low-grade pity party, shifting focus:

Challenges to morale:

Project Life Mastery inspiration:

Trying to enjoy the little things:

Vent session/challenge in staying positive:

Re-evaluating and moving forward:

Book Recommendation: The Millionaire Fastlane by JM DeMarco:
Part one:

Part two:

The Holy Grail of Momentum:

Trying to find something to laugh at after a tough conversation:

Working to find a win in daily challenges:

My very first video, made August 2016: